Product Development

Over the past year we have seen an unprecedented increase in requests for new samples of cosmetics and toiletries.

TO COVER LABORATORY TIME, COST OF RAW MATERIALS, ADMINISTRATION, WE HAVE DECIDED TO INTRODUCE an initial sample preparation fee of £50.00 per product. Any initial consultation and discussion on the project will of course be free of any charge.

For this fee we will give you up to 500 grams of product for you to evaluate. The sample will be prepared according to your written brief. We will also provide the ingredient list.

The following fees could become applicable depending on how far you wish to take the project:

  • Product development: £395.00 approximately (or £50.00 per sample)
  • Stability test: £395.00
  • Preservative Challenge test: £390.00
  • Establishing the Open – Jar Symbol £200.00 – £250.00
  • Health and Safety Assessment: £250.00
  • Preparation of the Product Information Pack: £200.00

All the costs stated are per product, per test. If the product starts to fail the Stability test within one month, we will re-formulate at no additional cost. After 1 month we will negotiate a fee. These charges will be payable at the start of each stage of the work.

Product development

This will vary depending on the complexity and the amount of work required. In a significant number of cases the costs are covered for £375.00, but in some cases these can be higher depending on the nature of the changes which are made during the development stage. The costs include any special ingredients which may be required, administration and laboratory time.

Stability test

This involves testing the stability of the approved formulation to determine the shelf life of the product prior to sale of unopened containers. The time period for this test is 12 weeks.

Preservative Challenge Test

This is designed to determine the effectiveness of the preservative system. This test takes 5 - 6 weeks.

Establishing the open-jar Symbol

After opening the container, the EU cosmetics directives now require that the minimum life expectancy of the product be stated. Some companies are stating arbitrary time periods.

Health and safety assessment

It is also a requirement that a health and safety assessment be made on the product to determine if the product is safe and will not cause any harm to human health. This includes an assessment of the ingredients, the formulation, and manufacturing method. This should not be confused with a dermatological test which would give information on sensitisation and irritation. A dermatological test can be organised and would cost between £400- £3000 depending on the number of products being tested at one time. We could organise a special price of £800-£1000 per product if the test was pooled with other companies. Further details can provided upon request.

Preparation of the Product Information Pack

This is again a requirement if your products are for retail use.


Terms and conditions of manufacture and given on our website.