Plantain CI offers all the necessary services in order to successfully create your chosen cosmetic range. However, there may be aspects of this complete service that you may wish to provide yourself. You can Pick and Choose the services you require from Plantain to fit your needs, existing position and cash flow.

Initial Concept

  • From an initial brief, we can develop a formulation for your range
  • We can develop from existing formulations that you may already have
  • We can develop similar formulations of products that have been identified on the market that would be suitable for your customers


  • It is recommended that this service remains with PlantainCI for safety and consistency


  • You can provide your own design, logo and image
  • You may wish Plantain to assist in developing your products marketing image
  • You can print and design your own labels and send them in to be applied to your product as long as these fit our machines and meet legal requirements. You can also apply yourself
  • You may require Plantain to, design, print and apply your labels


  • You may already have your chosen packaging and wish to send this to Plantain for filling
  • Plantain can source your packaging


  • Benefits of products and ingredients for products are provided by Plantain. We can also assist in writing marketing data for your labels
  • You may wish to write your own marketing data

Plantain would be happy to advise and provide results on all or some of the above services